Shepherd Neame Brewery Wedding, Keira & David, February 2016

Shepherd Neame Brewery Wedding, Keira & David, February 2016

It was wet, dismal February day but the settings were fantastic. The wedding ceremony was in the beautiful St Mary of Charity Church in Faversham and the reception at the Shepherd Neame Brewery just around the corner.

Kiera & David were lovely people and it was a pleasure to work with them. Although, David had a twin brother which made things a little confusing in the heat of the moment!

The Shepherd Neame Brewery is a fantastic place to hold a reception as you will never run out of beer!! The main hall for the disco is great and the lighting is probably the best I have seen at a venue. I would not personally recommend the ceremony there unless you have a really small group as the space is limited. The couples portrait shots were undertaken in the brewery’s heart and outside on the cobbled streets of Faversham using a hand held light.

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Shepherd Neame Brewery, Faversham – Coverage time 8hrs – Edited pictures received 537