Kent Wedding Photographer

Brett O'Connell Wedding Photographer

Kent Wedding Photographer

My name is Brett O’Connell and I am a Kent Wedding Photographer. I have been covering weddings since 2008 originally known as Monkeepuzzle Photography but now I use my name. My catchment area is the south east but I’m  happy to travel throughout the UK and abroad. I am in my late 40’s, happily married with two children and a dog called Violet. Apart from photography my other passions are playing my guitars, mountain biking and banana milkshakes.

I was in my early 20’s when I realised I wanted to be a wedding photographer. I bought a cheap film camera and from that moment I was hooked and knew photography would play a major part in my life. Back then, digital photography was in its infancy and the technology was not so advanced. So I stuck with my film camera and developed my own film and printed pictures in chemicals from an old shed. By using the traditional processes of photography I appreciated the technical ability and knowledge a wedding photographer needs to be competent and successful.

Photography Technique

I researched many Kent wedding photographers I realised there were too many staged, unnatural images. Therefore, I decided to tailor my approach to wedding photography. Shooting moments as natural as possible documenting the day as it happens. Emulating press photographers to record a wedding day story in pictures as it happens. I would say 95% of my photography is of a photo-journalistic nature. This way of shooting records the real moments without too much intervention by the photographer, creating beautiful natural pictures. I realise that family portraits are necessary on the day as many families only get together when big events like this occur. So, the other 5% of shooting will be group family pictures and the happy couples portraits. Although I am more than happy to shoot group family shots I do try to encourage our clients to keep this to a minimum to allow for a true free-flow photo-journalistic approach to evolve. Please view a sample of my images on my Portfolio page.

Modern Wedding Photography

I use the professional level Canon cameras with an array of top quality lenses and other accessories and never venture into a wedding without back-up equipment just in case. I shoot on average 20 – 30 weddings a year, this allows me to utilize my time on each wedding during the post production workflow and not rush through them. After the wedding all images are uploaded onto my Apple Mac and backed up several times on external hard drives for security. The images are then added into professional photography software such as Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop and edited. The final edited pictures are saved as high resolution jpegs with a typical file size of 13mb. This is ideal for printing up to at least A3 and larger if needed. You will also receive low resolution jpegs for sharing on Facebook or similar social media.

To be a creative wedding photographer in Kent is a hard skill to master and not for the faint hearted. The skills I have obtained over time produce timeless beautiful images and I can’t wait to step up to the challenge of your wedding day. Whatever you do, please make sure you invest in a experienced wedding photographer and not a casual snapper as there are no re-runs!.

Anyway, I hope to speak to you very soon and good luck with the wedding preparations!.